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Natural Life began with Patti Hughes love of photography.  She took simple black and white photos and built a floor to ceiling wall of all her favorite shots.  Almost immediately, friends and family were asking to purchase pictures from her wall, and that is what started “Natural Life Photography”.  

When Patti saw how people reacted to her photography, she was inspired to frame her favorite photos as tiny keepsakes and magnets and sign up for a local arts market. When the keepsakes sold out in an hour, she realized Natural Life could be a different kind of business! Motivated and excited about her new business idea, she found a handful of stores to carry her Natural Life keepsakes and watched from afar how people reacted to them and how quickly they sold. 

Today Natural Life is sold in thousands of little boutique gift stores and Patti is proud and lucky to say that everything about Natural Life is still her passion! She calls Natural Life products “treasures” because they are things you stumble upon while out and about and just can’t resist… whether it’s a saying that speaks to you, a perfect little gift for a friend or family member…or something to wear or put in your home that makes everyday life more fun!  

We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy! 

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