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P Graham Dunn was built from humble beginnings.  In 1972, newlyweds Peter Graham Dunn and LeAnna Dunn accepted a mission to open a home for runaway girls in New York City. In order to keep the girls occupied, they initiated a small woodworking business. The girls carved plaques and gifts that quickly became popular items at the Greenwich Village outdoor markets. When the mission in New York was complete, the couple bought the woodworking equipment and installed it on their farm in Dalton, Ohio.  

Peter spent the next two years building silos for area farmers to support his family, while perfecting his designs and manufacturing techniques during every spare moment. In 1977, he received an order for 3,000 items, allowing him to devote all his energies to the growing business. Today P. Graham Dunn serves over 8,000 accounts, most in the U.S., and the remainder in Canada and around the world. 

P. Graham Dunn is located in Dalton, Ohio, the same town where Peter proposed to LeAnna.  While much has changed at P. Graham Dunn over the past forty years, much remains the same. The first two employees of the company are still active in the business. Robert Shetler is vice president of manufacturing and Carol Curie works in the shipping department.  In 2019, P. Graham Dunn took on new ownership--it's employees! The company was sold by Peter and LeAnna to its employees in the form of an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). All 300+ employees were retained in the transition and eligible employees became owners. 

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